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The Therapy/Fitness Center offers a full range of Rehab Therapy and Fitness Services for all ages, including a full-time Physical Therapist, part-time Occupational Therapist, occupational therapy kitchen and hand therapy center, high/low mat, parallel bars, an exercise gym with a wide variety of weight lifting equipment, free weights, and cardio equipment.

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday 7:30–5:00

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist(s) are available five days a week for treatment with any patients recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery. Our Physical Therapist works with patients who have problems with back, neck, knees, ankles, shoulders aches and injuries, and more. The therapist has experience with sports injuries, neurological rehab, industrial injuries, work conditioning, and strengthening.

Occupational Therapy

A licensed Occupational Therapist is available as needed and works with patients who have problems with their hands, elbows, wrists, and fingers. The therapist also works with developmentally delayed children, prosthetic fit training, wheelchair management, self/care home management, job site ergonomics, neurological rehab, work conditioning, and strengthening.

Community Fitness Program

We offer a monthly membership for the use of our exercise facility, during business hours. Members enjoy access to a wide variety of equipment and weights. All new members receive a free session with our personal trainer to familiarize each member with the equipment and discuss their specific exercise needs. Monthly member fees vary. Please call the clinic for a brochure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote fitness and healthy living in our community through exercise education/training and knowledge. Our department recognizes the vital role of prevention of injury, and rehabilitation following an injury. We are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our community.

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Jack Teague, PT

Graduated high school 1959
BA, Psychology, 1965 California State University
BS, Health Science, 1969 California State University
BS, Physical Therapy, 1969 California State University - UCLA
Chief Physical Therapist, Seattle Rehabilitation Clinic
Chief Physical Therapist, Seattle General Hospital
Chief Physical Therapist, Swedish Hospital Pain Clinic
Owner, Northshore Physical Therapy, 25 years
Sold business, retired, and moved to Republic 5 years ago
Part-time PRN Physical Therapist at FCPHD last 5 years
Interests: fishing, bicycling,skiing, gardening, landscaping, motorsports, travel, kayaking
Physical Therapist for 45 years

Lisa Davis, OT

Mike Russell, PT

Larry Farnes