• Ferry County Public Hospital District

    “Improving Health – Saving Lives”


  • Ferry County Public Hospital District

    “Improving Health – Saving Lives”


  • Ferry County Public Hospital District

    “Improving Health – Saving Lives”


  • Ferry County Public Hospital District

    “Improving Health – Saving Lives”


  • Ferry County Public Hospital District

    “Improving Health – Saving Lives”


CNA Class Offered

FCPHD has scheduled a Certified Nursing Assistant class to begin in February 2018. Click here for details.

Hospital Happenings

So you’ve got some concerns about HIPAA!

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Facility Information

For detailed information about our facilities, visit their individual pages (in the “Locations & Services” drop-down menu above). This section provides a quick summary of addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation.

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The District offers secure online bill payment.

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Our Medical Staff

Our emergency department is staffed by qualified and dedicated providers who have state-of-the-art technology at their disposal. Inland Imaging's staff of board-certified radiologists is available to us 24/7 to interpret x-rays and provide most results within one hour, allowing our providers to make timely, accurate diagnoses. We also have a modern 16-slice CT scanner and an integrated electronic health record system, giving our providers the tools they need to serve the emergency medical needs of Ferry County.

2018 Budget Information

The District’s 2018 draft budget information is available for viewing.

Click here to see the budget presentation (400KB PDF).

FCPHD Policies

Per Washington State DOH requirements, FCPHD has posted the following policies for easy access. Click on any of the four links below to view a PDF file of that policy.

  • Farhad Alrashedy, MD

    Farhad Alrashedy, MD

  • Richard Garcia, DO

    Richard Garcia, DO

  • Jim Corbett, MPA-C

    Jim Corbett, MPA-C

  • Mari Hunter, ARNP

    Mari Hunter, ARNP

  • Jodi Petersen, ARNP

    Jodi Petersen, ARNP

  • Craig Christopher, PA-C

    Craig Christopher, PA-C

  • Jeannette Bauer, ARNP

    Jeannette Bauer, ARNP

Improving Health — Saving Lives

Republic is located in Ferry County, in rural northeast Washington. Situated amidst national forest and mountain passes, the region is very rural and geographically isolated from other counties. Ferry County Public Hospital District provides the only hospital in Ferry County, and the closest other hospitals are over 40 miles away over high passes. Because of our remote setting it is vital that the hospital provide skilled critical care.


Ferry County Memorial Hospital was established in Republic, Washington in 1945 and moved to its present facility in June of 1974. Until 1989, the Hospital was operated by the Ferry County Hospital Association, a private group composed of members of the community.

Our Vision Statement

FCPHD commits to long-term service of our community’s healthcare needs.

Our vision statement is:

To be our community’s lifelong partner in health

Our Mission Statement

FCPHD is dedicated to improving health and saving lives in our community.

Our mission statement is:

To strengthen the health and well-being of our community through partnership and trust

FCPHD Board Article in the Ferry County View

The Board of Commissioners pen monthly articles in the Ferry County View Extra. Older articles are available on our News page, while new articles will be linked to here. Click here to view the December article.

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CNA Class ad

So you’ve got some concerns about HIPAA!

By Jeanette Phillips, Clinic Receptionist

In healthcare, the word HIPAA gets tossed around frequently. It oftentimes gets misunderstood. So what is HIPAA?

The official description of HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It was designed to protect the privacy and security of personal medical information and to help improve the portability of health insurance coverage. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the HIPAA Privacy Rule is not intended to impede customary and essential communications or practices; it ensures confidentiality and security of every aspect of protected health information.

What, then, is considered Protected Health Information (PHI)? Any medical document that contains two identifiers, such as a patient’s name and date of birth, would be considered PHI. This includes documents such as medical records, lab tests, or hospital bills because each of these documents contain a patient’s name and/ or other identifying information associated with the health data content. Personal names, residential addresses, or phone numbers, are not PHI. For example, if information is reported as part of a publicly accessible data source, such as a phone book, then this information would not be PHI because it is not related to health data. (HHS.gov)

A common question people ask is, “Why do Doctor’s Offices or Hospitals always ask for my phone and address information when other people can hear? Isn’t that HIPAA?” When you arrive at various Doctor’s offices, clinics, or hospitals, it is likely that your address and phone information may be spoken in a way other patients can inadvertently hear. Verifying your address, phone number and insurance information ensures that your information is accurate in that Provider’s system. Although most clinics do try to say only a partial address or phone number for verification, rest assured that this is NOT HIPAA information.

Another common question is “Why do I have to tell the receptionist why I’m coming in? Can’t other people overhear why I’m being seen and what my symptoms are?” The reason receptionists ask what the appointment is for, is for a couple reasons:

  1. It gives the Receptionist information on how to schedule the most effective appointment with the appropriate amount of time with your Provider;
  2. As your Provider prepares for his/ her next day’s appointments, it gives the Provider the information needed to be prepared for your appointment, as well as helps the nurse prep the room the day of your appointment. This way they know how to be as prepared and efficient as possible before you are seen.

If you feel uncomfortable saying aloud why you need to see a Provider, you may always ask for a paper/pen to write that information down. Keep in mind only minimal information is needed, such as, “I’ve had a stomach ache for several days,” “It’s a follow up appointment for my diabetes,” “My ankle is hurting,” etc. It is important to state the reason you are coming in so that ample time and attention can be given for your appointment.

When in doubt, or if you have any further concerns, we encourage you to contact Heather Dirks, our HIPAA Officer at 775-3153 or visit our website at www.fcphd.org.

HIPAA information taken from https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/privacy/guidance/incidental-uses-and-disclosures/index.html

Prior Hospital Happenings available at http://www.fcphd.org/news.html

Facility Addresses, Phone Numbers & Hours

Ferry County Hospital

36 Klondike Road, Republic, WA 99166  509-775-3333

FAX 509-775-3866

ER open 24 hours/day, every day

Lab  509-775-8231  7:00–5:00 every day

Radiology  509-775-8233  7:00am–6:30pm every day
Ultrasound M–F 8:00–3:30, MRIs Friday only, Bone Density Scans Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday 7:00am–6:00pm

Republic Medical Clinic

10 Ros Circle, Republic  509-775-3153  M–F 8:00–5:00

FAX 509-775-8929

Rehab Therapy & Fitness Center

10 Ros Circle, Republic  509-775-8400  M–F 7:30–5:00

FAX 509-775-8401

Klondike Hills Assisted Living

4 Klondike Hills Lane, Republic  509-775-8234

FAX 509-775-8402